Patti Townley-Covert

Communications Coach

Books, bios, or business plans-- magazine articles or marketing materials--together we'll maximize your message, empower your prose, and broaden your audience.


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"Patti was the ACE in my winning hand.

A consummate encourager, Patti balanced kindness with sincere, honest, useful feedback. Always the professional, she is a delightful partner.

She shared techniques and principles I could easily apply to enhance readability and interest.  Patti’s creative genius is apparent in the many clever subtitles and “tightened” prose.

While the final work reflects my writing style and message, Patti moved my book from a 'fair' hand to a royal flush!"

                                         Hazel Curtis


Leadership Coach


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"Even after writing and speaking on writing for more than two decades, to produce a professional product, I definitely required an expert.


What I got with Patti is much more than an editor. I got an encourager extraordinaire, cohesive collaborator, and fabulous new friend. We had a brain meld. Patti made the project hers as well. So personally involved, she put her heart and soul into the effort, even suggesting the new title of Dreams in the Distance.

Patti has edited Book II of THE CHOICE Series: Hopes on the Horizon (soon to be released). I wouldn’t even consider completing the other books in the series without her.

 It’s said writing is lonely work. It doesn’t have to be. Another heart, soul, brain, and pair of eyes—in my humble opinion—goes a long way in creating a true work of art."

Nan Rinella


C. S. Lewis Foiundation Regional Representative

“If you are looking for commitment, creativity, and competency, all mixed with incredible energy, then you will want to work with Patti. Every project where I've involved Patti, pleasantly resulted in more than I expected. Precise, detailed, focused, she has the ability to keep her eye on the bigger picture of what is being accomplished. We will work with Patti every chance we get."

Mick Ukleja

President and Founder



"My editor Patti coaxed my technically written manuscript into a more lyrical composition. This resulted in a more intimate communication with my readers. Without intruding in my message or style, she brought out the best of my writing. Whenever I lost sight of the goal, she illuminated it, giving me renewed my resolve. She was the motor that allowed me to bring my incomplete manuscript to its destination." ​

Millie Hinkle

Author, 26 Bible Stories

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