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The Abolition of
Modern-Day Slavery

Speaking engagements have included radio interviews, an anti-trafficking conference at Mt Sac Community College, Lions & Elks clubs, Southern California Missions Network, Evangelical Missiological Society, and numerous churches. Patti either has been or is currently associated with the following groups:

  • Every ONE Free Pomona, CA

  • Olive Crest, serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

  • ​Speakers Bureau for Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE)  in San Bernardino County, CA.

  • FIAT, a faith initiative to abolish trafficking. Patti is on the leadership of this coalition that involves approximately 100 churches in Los Angeles County.

  • Transform Los Angles (TLA) executive team with a primary focus on social justice issues from a biblical worldview.

​On behalf of Transform LA (see below), Patti wrote an anti-trafficking blog, "Shoulder to Shoulder." The blog focused on the seven challenges (described below), five of which contribute to modern-day slavery and two of which provide the solution to these problems.


In 2016, Patti started developing Do ONE Thing--working with various experts to provide easy-to-access entry-level information on how to fight human trafficking. Research for a section on the pandemic of porn and how it is increasing demand for modern-day-slaves continues.

Links to the anti-trafficking articles Patti has written can be found on the right rail of her blog.


​​Leadership & Team Development


Many years spent editing organizational leadership  doctoral dissertations developed Patti's fascination with leadership and teamwork techniques. So did weekly participation in Bible Study Fellowship Leaders meetings for several years. Then for almost a decade, her role leading a communications team for a nonprofit organization gave her opportunities to implement what she'd learned. Eager  to learn more, Patti continues to study the techniques developed by Patrick Lencioni, John Wooden, Peter Druck​er, Mick

Ukleja, and other leadership experts. If your organization needs consistent editorial standards, adherence to deadlines, or more effective teamwork contact Patti and discuss the possibilities.

Creation, Evangelism and A Biblical Worldview


From the majesty of the universe to the editing system within a single cell, Patti's always eager to learn more about the Creator. For details on her award-winning interview turned booklet--God's Word, God's World--request a publications list.

Studying apologetics for many years; participating in Bible Study Fellowship for almost two decades; and editing books by a biochemist, astronomer, and philosopher/theologian gave Patti a deep love for absolute truth, logic, and sound thinking, Cowriting a book about evangelism crystallized concepts related to personal outreach.

Transform LA​

 Participation on Transform LA's (TLA's)  Executive Board tapped into Patti's creativity and networking skills.

TLA was a catalyst for networking the body of Christ in ways that promote personal transformation that changes the various spheres of society. These societal spheres include (but are not limited to): education, government, family, media, business, healthcare, the faith community, sports and entertainment, and the arts. As part of Transform World, TLA strategically rallied the body of Christ to love God and one another as they worked to address seven challenges in the five counties that make up the greater Los Angeles area —Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino. These challenges include:

     1. ideology--promoting a worldview where all men and women are created equal, exposing the objectification of women and the hypersexulization​ of our society

     2. relationships--focusing on marriage and the family

     3. orphans--focusing on care for those children who have been neglected and/or abandoned as well as those aging out of foster care

     4. poverty--focusing on the poorest communities (i.e., the homeless, single moms and their children, the unemployed

     5. human rights--focusing on human trafficking, the right to life, and human dignity

     6. Christ's missional--focusing on the "last" and the "least" and,

     7. celebration--identifying, connecting, and encouraging 24/7 houses of prayer and praise to God

Numerous articles attest to Patti's understanding of these seven areas and how transformation in each one changes our culture. Though Transform LA no longer operates as a group, Patti continues to research and encourage applications in these seven areas of transformation.


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