About Patti

Because Patti considers writing and editing a team sport, she delights in how the ongoing process produces unbeatable quality. Disciplined and hard working, Patti believes in meeting deadlines. She's a maximizer, a relator, and a connector--a skilled problem solver, who values input. Being a life-long learner makes her wide open to the ideas of others.

She likes to hike, bike, do step aerobics, plant pansies, and try new recipes. Patti especially enjoys being outdoors with family and friends any place near the ocean.

Her poem "I Don't Live in a Pastel World" is as true of her today as it was when she wrote it years ago.

I Don't Live in a Pastel World



I don't live in a pastel world,

mine is one of vibrant colors—

bright blue, lemon yellow,

passionate purple, and fire-siren red,

fuchsia and chartreuse.

No watered-down versions for me,

my colors shout, "I'm alive!"


I don't live in a place of mild bland days,

mine is full of scorching sun with rays so hot,

they'll fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Or frigid storms that rage complete with

bomb-blast thunder and zig-zag bolts of light.

I either have to bundle up tight in overcoats and sweaters, or strip off the layers down to the coolness of a sundress with a bonnet for shade.


I don't live in a mediocre existence,

mine is all or nothing, everything or zero;

give it all I've got or don't bother at all.

I have dreams, high and lofty, prayers that defy gravity, and a spirit complete with wings.

And, I love the One who created those dreams,

answers my prayers, and makes my spirit soar.

As a young woman, Patti traveled the world. She watched her friend perform a rescue at sea, checked lobster traps in Maine, rode a camel in Egypt, and danced to the steel drum music in the Caribbean.

Bring Patti's vibrant voice into your publications.

In 2018, Patti took a dream cruise up from London to Scotland, up the coast of Norway to the Arctic Circle.
She went on a husky hike through muddy bogs, participated in a king crab safari and kayaked in the fjords. 






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