​Patti wrote her first book in first grade. Since then she's been published in numerous books, journals​, and magazines. Creative nonfiction helps her paint word pictures that make even dry academic subject matter more engaging. Her outstanding ability to simplify complex concepts gives the target audience the satisfaction of comprehending difficult topics. And, for more dynamic subject matter, Patti's story-telling ability captivates readers.
Magazine, newspaper, and journal articles
Patti's written for such diverse publications as HyVee's Seasons, Life: Beautiful, Family Circle, Thriving Family, Facts and Trends, California Gardener, Enrichment, Single Parent Family, and Decision.  She wrote a two-year column for Enrichment (a journal for pastors) based on Red Zone Evangelism and is a frequent contributor to PE News.



Thank you for all your effort in the Christian Examiner.  I am VERY impressed with your journalism abilities.  You listened and got every detail correct.  I am blown away.  I would like to continue to work with you and have us explore other places we can take this. 

Opal Singleton,
Director of Development,
"“Patti has been a pleasure to work with. As a freelance writer for our publication, she writes compelling human interest and ministry feature stories with great skill. She knows how to make the reader feel engaged. Besides all that, Patti is simply a wonderful person to be around.”
Lamar Keener
​Oversight of the entire book process from the initial book proposal to developmental editing to marketing for a brilliant biochemist (Fazale Rana), an astute astronomer (Hugh Ross), and a profound philosopher/theologian (Kenneth Samples) gave Patti enough confidence to tackle any book project. In the Red Zone: A Game Plan for How to Share Your Faith written with Kent Tucker was recognized by "Outreach" magazine as one of the top evangelism resources of 2013. In 2015, Patti edited Leslie Wickman's God of the Big Bang: How Modern Science Affirms the Creator.




Biochemist Fazale Rana inscribed Patti's copy of Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off with: ​

"​This book reflects your efforts as much as mine. I enjoyed working on this project with you and learned much from you. Thanks!​"

In the same book, his coauthor, Hugh Ross, wrote: "Thanks for all your blood, sweat, tears, and prayers on behalf of this project. I thank God for our publishing team and especially for your efforts in ensuring that our books will have the greatest possible impact in bringing people to faith in Christ."

Philosopher/theologian Kenneth Samples wrote in his book, A World of Difference: Putting Truth Claims to the Worldview Test,​ "Patti, your editorial support and warm friendship are greatly appreciated."

After working with Patti on his book Love. Money. Power, president and founder of Barnabas Group, John Setser said: "Patti is the best! She took a bunch of ideas and turned them into a book worth reading. In the process she has become a great friend."


President and founder of How to Share Your Faith, Kent Tucker said: "Patti is an incredible co-writer. She communicated my heart and thoughts so that the reader could visually and emotionally capture what I was trying to say. She knows how to grab the readers’ interest and keep them engaged. She knows how to get a book published and is delightful to work with. I went to school when I began working with Patti and I feel like I have earned another degree because of all I learned from her. It was an honor to write the book with Patti. But it didn't stop there. She contributed insight and creativity to the marketing process as well."


Publishing and Marketing


For almost a decade Patti worked at a nonprofit as an executive editor. While there she instigated and navigated multiple-book contracts with NavPress, Baker Books, and Family Audio Library. Working with a variety of authors, publishers, editors, a graphic designer, and researcher, she also gave oversight to an award-winning magazine and in-house publications. During that time, she cultivated an extensive professional network.




"Patti Townley-Covert is a gifted author, editor, and team leader. No matter what the challenge, Patti consistently brings to each project a positive, energetic and enthusiastic attitude combined with an honest and skilled approach to problem solving. Creative and novel solutions are always encouraged and explored under Patti’s leadership, and each team member is elevated to a higher level of performance in the process. Whether working on site, or from a distance, I can attest to Patti’s ability to supervise and manage projects seamlessly. She proves time after time to be a great asset to any organization, and it is a sincere pleasure to work on her team." 

Jonathan Price, Jonathan Price Design 

Patti's passions have developed as she embraces and clarifies each vision. The right context even made her passionate about street sweepers. See what she's been involved with recently and find out how she might help you make your audience more passionate about your message.

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